Thursday, August 23, 2007

Welcome! Here's what's going on...

We have just completed another successful Summer Reading Program at the Boyertown Community Library. This year we had even more children reading more books than ever. 992 kids, age 0-18, read books (or had books read to them), and reported on them. 42 more than last year. We are proud of this high level of participation in this great program that helps foster an enjoyment of books and reading as well as helping to promote literacy.
This year we developed a Summer Reading Program for our adult visitors, too. For several years we had adults who were helping children with their book reading logs say to us... "I'd like to read for prizes, too!" We listened. You can check out a separate post here that includes a list of some of the books these adults read and their comments on them. Maybe you will find a title you'll be interested in "checking out!"

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