Friday, June 13, 2008

Major Donation Brings New Copier

The Biesecker family of Boyertown is receiving many thanks each day when library staff needs to print a report or photocopy a project. Each copy now comes from a brand new Ricoh copy machine.

Not too long ago it was recognized that the photocopier which had been in place for better than 6 years was requiring repairs more and more often. It was also finicky when producing copies of a project.

The Board of Trustees for the library decided to ask various businesses and service clubs to consider contributing as a group toward the purchase of a network capable machine that would also be able to produce color copies. One of the first people asked was Mr. Fred Biesecker, owner of Drug Plastics and a friend of the library. He said "Tell me what you are looking for and we'll order one for you." As simple as that.

After a little research, Board President Sandy Polen and Acting Library Director Marta Weller found a machine that seemed to fit all the needs current and future. The information was given to the office manager at Drug Plastics and a brand new machine arrived just before Memorial Day.

There are so many bells and whistles on this new Ricoh that it may take the staff quite a while to learn it all. With all these great capabilities, the act of photocopying is no longer a self-service operation for the public. So we are asking anyone who wishes to have a copy made to please stop at the circulation desk and ask for assistance. Also, don't forget to pay for your printout before you leave. The library is assuming the cost of the supplies of paper and toner.

So next time you get a handout or see a poster at the library, or if you come to get a photocopy made, remember these awesome, high quality copies are all possible through the generosity of the Biesecker family.

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