Saturday, July 26, 2008

Prizes for Teen Readers

There are a lot of reasons to read books over the summer vacation.
1... because you enjoy reading anyway
2... because you need to read a certain number of books for school
3... because you have played the same games over and over and want something different
4... because you need to read specific books from a reading list for school
5... because you saw the movie and someone said the book was better and you want to see if they're right
But here's a great reason to read books this summer... you can win PRIZES! ! !

There are prizes available just for Boyertown Teen Readers and one GRAND PRIZE for all Teen Readers in Berks County.

Boyertown Prizes:
Large Pizza from Carmello's
$10 gift certificate from Talarico's
$10 gift certificate from the Grill Shop
3 separate $10 gift certificates from Bauses Super Drugstore
3 of the books from the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants series
1 episode of Fullmetal Alchemist on DVD
1 action figure from the Anime series Inu Yasha
1 T-Shirt (black with Metamorphosis design)
1 Insulted Travel Tumbler (Metamorphosis design)
1 PS2 game of Tiger Woods PGA Tour
1 Wii game of Spiderman 3
1 certificate for 8 piano lessons from Veronica Smith
1 special edition copy of the Stephanie Meyers book ECLIPSE
1 BOOMChair with vibration and other capabilities to make game playing and DVD watching even more intense

Berks County Grand Prize:

How do you try for the Boyertown Prizes? Just fill out a green reading entry form and turn it in for a grey raffle ticket. Write your name and phone number on one half, tear it off and drop it into the bag under the prize you are trying for. Put as many tickets into as many different prize bags as you want.
This is different than last year... a Teen who only has one raffle ticket may be the winner of a prize. But the more tickets in a bag a Teen has, the more chances that Teen has to win the prize.

How do you try for the Laptop Computer? Just fill out the green reading entry forms and turn them in. All green forms will be sent to the County Library Headquarters to be tossed together. A single winner will be drawn from all official green reading entry forms in September.
This year there is a greater chance to win the computer because there are 2 Laptops... one for young kids and one for Teens aged 13 and up.

So don't miss out on your chance for a prize!

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