Tuesday, September 9, 2008

And the (Teen) Winners are...

School has started again and the Raffle Drawing for the Teen Prizes in Boyertown was held. Several of our library's Teen Advisory Council (TAC) - Sam Cronrath, Veronica Smith, & Evan Randall - drew the winning entries on September 2nd.

Our Teen Summer Readers (ages 13 to 18) read many, many books to collect raffle tickets to try for up to 14 different prizes just for their age group. 103 Teens turned in 1,487 green reading logs this summer, that's the equivalent of 7,435 books! For each green reading log turned in a Teen could get a raffle ticket to try for any of the 14 prizes.

Congratulations go to:
- Insulated Travel Mug winners - Kaitlyn Eisenher, Heather Filer, Ashley Lane, Aaron Saltzer, & Kristin Sechrist
- T-Shirt winners - Samantha Cronrath, Heather Filer, Brittany Mulcahy, & Aaron Saltzer
- Fullmetal Alchemist episode DVD winner - Ethan Fox
- Inuyasha Action Figure winner - Ethan Fox
- Tiger Woods PGA Tour for PS2 winner - Brett Kelly
- Spiderman 3 for Wii winner - Matt Schaeffer
- 1 large pizza from Carmelo's Pizzaria winner - Heather Frey
- $10 gift cert. from The Grill Shop winner - Emily Outland
- $10 gift cert. from Talarico's Sandwich Shop winner - Laura Keppley
- $10 gift cert. from Bause's Superdrug winners - Danielle, Minner, Karley Moser, & Emily Outland
- 8 Piano Lessons from Veronica Smith winner - Kristin Sechrist
- Special Edition copy of Eclipse by Heather Meyer winner - Heather Gahler
- 3 volumes from the series Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants winner -Brittany Mulcahy
- $135 BoomChair (great for video-gamers) winner - Danielle Minner

The library and our Teen Readers thank all the contributors (many are local businesses) for these great prizes. Plans are to have this type of raffle drawing again for the 2009 Teen Summer Reading Program.

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