Saturday, October 11, 2008

Grand Prize - Laptop Computer Winners

This year was the first year a grand prize for two age groups was provided for participants of the Berks County Summer Reading Program.

A Sony Vaio Laptop Computer was provided by the Friends of the Reading/Berks County Libraries for kids aged 13 to 18 and for ages 12 and under who turned in at least one reading log entry form. All the entries from all the system libraries of Berks County were entered into two giant containers (two? one container for each laptop!).

The winner of the 12 & under group turned in reading logs at Exeter Community Library.

And the teen winner was our own Heather Gahler, one of the Raffle Drawing winners here at Boyertown. Heather came in to pick up her brand new laptop and get her picture taken last week.

There was one other prize winner not mentioned....
To make things fair, children of library staff members were not eligible for the laptop computers, so a special prize of a $100 Barnes and Noble bookstore gift certificate was provided. The winner? Marie Albiges, daughter of BCL's own Children's Services Coordinator, Jeanine Albiges. Marie is thrilled and excited to begin spending her gift... she LOVES books and reading.

Congratulations, Heather and Marie!


Auden said...
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Karen Walter said...

This is a very encouraging step for the students who are really good in their fields by awarding them and appreciating them in the whole mass of people that will encourage them to reach on a certain height which they are not aware off.

Karen Water

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