Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Review -Books I'm Reading

There's a favorite saying here at the library... "So many books, so little time." My heart echoes this saying many times a day because I see so many books go in and out the door that I would like to read or that I feel I should read.

Right now I have two books at home that I haven't even started but am looking forward to reading. One is from a series by Lindsey Davis (I have read most of the books she has written featuring Marcus Didius Falco - this is one I missed). The other is a brand new author to me and a brand new book on our shelves, The Lost Temple by Tom Harper.

The Lindsey Davis book is Saturnalia and her character, Falco, lives in Rome - the Rome of 70 A.D. Falco is an "informer" which in our modern times is the equivalent of a private investigator. I look forward to reading of his next exploits.

The Tom Harper book, The Lost Temple, is an adventure story that takes place in 1947 Greece and the main character is an archaeologist. From what I have read in the blurbs the plotline is along the lines of an Indiana Jones story. I really enjoy the Indiana Jones movies, so we'll see if this story will keep me turning the pages like the movies keep me hoping for more to come.

I will report on these books when I finish them... more later!

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