Monday, September 14, 2009

Teen Winners in 2009 Summer Reading Prize Drawings

Summer Reading is over and school has started again... now teens are reading for homework but some lucky teens get to reap the rewards of reading during summer vacation!

Here is the list of the winners in our local drawing from all the prize bags that were hung on our bulletin board all summer long...

Talarico's -
- Ruthie Holsopple, Angela Kelly, Channing Mauger, Maggie Morgan, & Anna Simpson
The Grill Shop -
- Joi Calia & Ashley Fowler
The Bear's Den -
- Joel Tuck

JEWELRY SETS provided by Signet, Inc.:
- Tori Armstrong, Shelby Groff, April Holowis, Brynn Hunsberger, Laura Keppley, Samantha Rayco, Emily Schumaker

BOOKS from the Jr. High reading program donated by Bause's Super Drug Store
- Susan Ambrose, Alex Barrett, Lily Fanok, Kylie Fries, Marybeth Lowe, Kendall Place, Eric Savarese, Erin Schwab, Lucia Scotto, Devon Stackonis, Kristin Walters, Jimmy Walters, Rosie Wetherill-Orifice, Anna Urbano

- Celina Archer, Haley Didget, Kylie Fries, Heather Gahler, Justin Glasner, Kirsten Houser, Joel Tuck

BLANK BOOKS donated by Marta Weller and ENGRAVED PEN SETS donated by Winner's Circle Awards:
- Katherine Ambrose & Stacy Strobel

PIANO LESSONS donated by Veronica Smith:
- Ashley Egbert & Tara Schumaker

GUITAR LESSON donated by Bachman School of Music:
- Mike Oppelt

BRISINGR (the hardcover book) anonymous donation:
- Layla Thomas

BRISINGR (the unabridged CD book) anonymous donation:
- Brian Conklin

Manicure from Lily Nails - Lauren Knier
Hair Products from Current Trends - Jalena Migliaccio
Hair Products from Holiday Hair - Megan Rosenberger

Carmelo's - Deanna Lowe & Austin Miller
Papa John's - Heather Fry, Kelli Paprocki, & Shaniya Shabrach-Ortiz

$50 GIFT CARD for COVENTRY MALL donated by the Library Teen Advisory Council:
- Ashley Minner

Also, each teen received a coupon from Rita's Ice or from Dunkin' Donuts just for turning in one entry.

All these prizes were donated by local merchants or friends of the library to help encourage teens to KEEP READING. The library and the teens who visit the library thank all these sponsors for their contributions.

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