Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Blog Closed and Archived for Posterity

I started this Blog several years ago when I was the Operations Director at the Boyertown Community Library. It was a fun and interesting way to post information about books, library events and the BCL in general. It also gave me an opportunity to inform everyone about the tragic fire in the apartment above the library and the resulting death of our good friend and tenant, Loah Whitmore. I was glad I had this Blog as a venue to post a eulogy for her. She was a good friend to me.

Unhappily, the state budget cuts experienced by libraries in Pennsylvania severely affected our busy little Boyertown library and in order to continue operations the staff of the library was (to use school terminology) constricted and my position was eliminated.  I was laid off. The BCL director, Mark Sullivan, sent me information about every job opening he became aware of in nearby libraries and it was because of his information that I now have a full time job again at another library just a half hour away.

When I left, I turned over the Facebook page and this Blog to Mark, removing myself from the Admin position on each. However, time has just not been available for him to keep up with both those items and all the other things necessary to run a busy library like Boyertown's. So, since no one has posted anything since my last post in November of 2009 I am closing the Blog but keeping it as an archived resource if anyone would like to refer to it.

I would like to make one comment, however, regarding the authorship of all the posts. Somehow, when I turned over the Admin title to Mark, the Blog Host (Blogger) switched the author name from me to Mark Sullivan. So, if you are reading one of the posts and wish to ask someone for clarification, or want to comment, feel free to refer to me - the original author, Marta Weller.

I hope to see you in a library!

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